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We welcome your partnership as we work together to showcase New York's unparalleled history. Use the form below to submit an event if it meets the following criteria:

  • The event should have a historical component beyond simply being held at a historical site. 

  • Attendees should expect to have a safe, fun, interesting and / or educational experience.

  • Examples of events excluded from Path Through History events listings include: retail sales events; dinners, galas, benefit sales (like tag and bake sales) and other events geared primarily toward fundraising, without a prominent educational / historical component; semester-long classes; trade shows; and individual events within an already listed event.

  • Events must be held at sites / locations that are publicly accessible and legally operated according to all NYS and local tax, health, safety, zoning and other codes, laws and regulations.

  • While an event may connect with multiple Path Through History themes, please select the one theme that is most strongly related. You may request additional themes in the "Comments" box at the bottom of the form.

    After clicking "Submit Event" at the bottom of the form, your event will be reviewed to make sure that it meets the criteria and contains all the necessary information. NYS Division of Tourism reserves the right to deny any event deemed inappropriate or inapplicable.

    Path Through History Weekends

    New York State has designated annual Path Through History weekends to promote the state’s rich and fascinating history. Historical and cultural attractions across the state hold hundreds of special events that are promoted by I Love New York and the Division of Tourism. 2017’s Path Through History Weekends will take place on Father’s Day Weekend (June 17 - 18) and Columbus Day Weekend (October 7 - 9).

    If your organization is holding an event during this time frame that connects with New York history, we encourage you to register your event below. Please be sure to select "Yes" on the form for "Path Through History Weekend Event."


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