Thurman Fall Farm Tour

  • Thurman, Adirondacks
  • Oct 06, 2018
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Showcasing farms, maple producers, a goat and sheep farm, sanctuaries, a tree farm and lumber mill promoting sustainable forestry this is a self-guided tour to 9 unique sites. Visit farms over 200 years old and others which have been carved out of our woodlands in this decade. The Quilt show, children's activities, trebuchet punkin chunkin', and animal encounters are some of the fun you will experience! Bring your camera to capture your memories!

Start your day at the Pancake Breakfast at Valley Road Maple Farm, 190 Valley Road. Mike and Ralph serve up fluffy flapjacks ~ and it's all-you-can eat! Topped with pure Valley Road maple syrup ~ and ~ a pancake breakfast in the north country is not a pancake breakfast without nationally known and what locals serve ~  Oscar's Adirondack Smokehouse sausages. Breakfast begins at 9am and continues until 1pm; $.

Martin's Lumber and Lucyann's Artistry, 280 Valley Road is a tree farm and lumber mill promoting sustainable forestry ~ the art and science of silviculture. Take a wood walk, also there are demonstrations of the mill. There will be a paper bead demonstration; stained glass garden accents and items available for souvenirs and gift-giving.

Nettle Meadow Farm and Artisan Cheese, 484 South Johnsburg Road is the home of the award-winning cheeses ~ be sure you sample some, it is YUM squared!  Nettle Meadow will be serving  a Barn loft Buffet luncheon featuring their cheese paired with bacon crisps, garlic bruschetta, macaroni and cheese and others selections. On your tour take time to visit the girls on this goat and sheep farm. They are so cute! Nettle Meadow is also a Sanctuary of retired and rescued farm animals including fowl, horses, older goats and others. Also at Nettle Meadow Hidden Hollow Maple Farm will offer samples and have available for purchase their full line of pure Adirondack maple products.

Whitefield's Farm at 95 Mountain Road has pumpkins and fresh veggies at the farm stand, all natural turkey sausage to try and buy.

At Toad Hill Maple Farm, 137 Charles Olds Road they will have sugarhouse tours and demonstrations, you can see how the evaporator works and try some maple samples. A beautiful team of Clydesdales will take you on a wagon ride to the sugar bush. You do not want to miss the Punkin' Chunkin' with the Toad Hill trebuchet. Take your best shot ~ WHAM!

Peru Llama Farm at 661 High Street you are going to have to be ready to pucker up for your llama kiss - it's required!  A special contest for ages 10 and under is to search Peru Llama for a specific number of strands of colored baling twine for a small prize ~ and play in a haymow. Do you know what a haymow is? Well you'll learn today!

Blackberry Hill Farm and Sanctuary, 15 Mud Street is a diversified family farm and is one only two in Warren County to have earned Certified Organic status from USDA. See the non-GMO heritage pigs, their chickens, turkeys and fall veggies.

Windy Ridge Farm, 52 Elmer Wood Road is a farm which has been worked for generations by the Wood family. Here you will meet Minnie the pony and her farm animal friends. Sample the jellies, jams and syrup ~ then take some home! Maybe you'll get to help harvest a late-ripening crop ~ a photo op for sure!

Adirondack Ranch joins our community where memories of flourishing ranches are a cherished part of our local history. Here you can tour the scenic woodland and ride a haywagon to the pumpkin patch ~ more memory photos! Adirondack Ranch is at 346 Mud Street.

The Thurman Quilt Show features the large display of newly-crafted along with vintage and heritage quilts. In the past quilting was a necessary craft - today these quilts are lovingly and painstakingly crafted works of art that continues the tradition. Other finely crafted items are available; there are demonstrations of various techniques and patterns. Take a chance in the raffle to win a quilt - buy your tickets before 2:30pm! The quilt show takes place from 9am until 4:30pm. Thurman Town Hall is at 311 Athol Road.

The Farm Tours takes place at these various locations from 10am - 4pm. Follow the signs to find this all day fun all over Thurman! Just a short drive from Exit 23 of I-87 the Adirondack Northway.

  • 10am-4pm
  • 311 Athol Rd
    Thurman, NY 12810
  • 518 623 9595
  • PTH Weekend Event (6/16-17 & 10/6-8, 2018): Yes
  • Thurman Town Hall
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