Strivers' Row

Address W 136th St
Manhattan, NY 10030
Themes Innovation & Commerce
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Strivers' Row is three rows of townhouses in western Harlem, Originally called the "King Model Houses" after developer David King, they were designed for upper-middle-class whites and constructed between 1891 and 1893. The buildings afford a view of the City College of New York, atop the hill to the west. Different architects worked on each of the three rows. The northern part of the 139th Street group was completed by McKim, Mead and White in neo-Italian style. Designers who contributed to the complex on 138th Street include James Brown Lord, Bruce Price, and Clarence S. Luce. Among those who lived in Strivers' Row were Eubie Blake, Fletcher Henderson, Vertner Tandy, W. C. Handy, Dr. Louis T. Wright, Henry Pace, heavyweight boxer Harry Wills, comedian Stepin Fetchit, actor/singer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, and preacher/congressman Adam Clayton Powell Jr.


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