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Guidelines for Inclusion on the Path Through History Website

These are general guidelines for identifying heritage tourism attractions to be included on the Path Through History website. The overarching strategy is to position larger sites that can handle higher numbers of tourists as a gateway to a deeper heritage experience, as travelers are enticed to learn more about their areas of interest by exploring smaller sites through the state. Path Through History sites may be either publicly or privately owned or operated.

All Path Through History sites should:

  • Have a high level of authenticity, integrity, and a direct association with New York State
  • Be well established and provide accurate interpretation
  • Be open to the public
  • Reflect an appropriate level of preservation and/or conservation
  • Interpret one or more of the Path Through History Themes

The "visitor experience" should be one of the primary considerations when determining eligibility for inclusion on the Path Through History website. Elements such as hours of operation, level of interpretation offered, accessibility, and amenities such as restrooms and parking are all part of the visitor experience. While not formally divided into categories on the website, PTH sites can be a Primary Attraction or a Secondary Attraction. 

Primary Attractions: 

  • Provide up-to-date visitor information, including hours of operation, driving directions or map, and a property snapshot
  • Have a strong, engaging interpretation in the form of guided tours by trained staff, self-guided tours, audio tours, brochure/pamphlets, exhibits, signs, displays, or educational programs
  • Are well maintained and accessible, with many amenities such as: way finding and on site/property identification signage; on site or convenient off-site parking; and accessible public bathrooms
  • Have standard hours/days of operation -Open at least 5 days per week, including at least one weekend day; 6 hours per day; more than 6 months per year; well trained and informed staff

Secondary Attractions: 

  • Are worthy of a detour on a trip to the region
  • Have on site interpretation resources
  • Have some amenities available, though fewer than at a Primary Attraction
  • Provides good services but may have fewer or less trained staff
  • May have limited hours of operation

Additional Considerations:

  • Geographic distribution of sites throughout the State will be important to ensure a broad representation of all New York State history
  • Communities or neighborhoods that retain a high level of historic quality and character should only be included if there is an interpretive experience and/or an associated attraction that can be listed as a destination for the area on the website.

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